Workplace Wellness

Sharing our passion for simple, evidence based
tai chi and qigong for health and wellness.

“Slow down, take time to pause
and find some breathing space.

Workplace Wellness

Tai Chi proves a great stress buster for promoting deep relaxation

Brings a more mindful level of presence to the workplace

Improves overall fitness to counteract those long periods
sat at a desk or that long commute

Allows your staff team to bond in an authentic way with engaging partner exercise

Can provide a much needed positive pause to the routines that make up the working day

Proves an important mental and physical boost to start the day and lovely pick me up to avoid the post-lunch slump
Get in touch and we'll tailor the ideal session for you.


“I love these classes! Very inclusive and fun and deceptively challenging. All with lots of encouragement and humour and lovely groups of people. Phil and Helen are just great teachers.
Dr A. Merrick
“Slow easy movements are great for those like me who have a chronic back condition- my balance and strength in my thighs & knees is improving. Also helps to slow myself down, relax and enjoy.
J. Steel
“You exceeded expectations!
engaging articulate hosts.
“Lead by medically framed/evidence-based professionals.
Bingley Community Rehabilitation Team

Hi, we're Helen and Philip, an Occupational Therapist and professional educator.

Join us as we share our passion for simple tai chi and qigong programmes that people enjoy practicing.
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