Tai Chi for Wellness

Simple to follow online movements inspired by tai chi to give you some much needed breathing space.

Tai Chi for Wellness

You'd like to learn simple tai chi and qigong movements for a deep sense of relaxation and wellness?

We're here to help.

Hi, we're Helen and Philip, we've created Tai Chi for Wellness as the perfect way
to find some much needed breathing space.

We've carefully curated a set of qigong and tai chi movments that you can dip into anytime, anywhere.

With a keen eye on the research and over 47 years of combine experience in health
and education we've designed this short programme to be enjoyed by everyone.
Information provided through Discover Tai Chi does not purport to be and must not be taken as medical advice.
By using Discover Tai Chi classes and courses you recognise that there is always an element of risk involved
with any physical activity and your attendance at or participation in any activity is solely at your own risk.
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