Eight Methods, Five Steps (Bafa Wubu) Tai  Chi

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Eight Methods, Five Steps (Bafa Wubu) Tai Chi

You'd like to learn tai chi online?
This is a great place to start!

Hi, we're Helen and Phil, if this is your first exploration into the world of online tai chi we
couldn't recommend a better place to start your journey.

What style of tai chi will I learn?
You'll learn the new official tai chi form from the People's Republic of China, released in 2019.

In this online tai chi programme we focus on the first half of the form, or part 1.
We love this short form because people can enjoy it  seated or standing making it ideal for a wide range of people.

You'll find the foundations of all tai chi forms contained in this new 21st century tai chi form.
The form is symetrical and you face forwards at all times making learning at home or in a class far easier.

Come and join us.
We look forward to seeing you.
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