Tai Chi for Arthritis Playlist

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Over the past few months, Helen and I have filmed a series of short YouTube videos documenting each sequence of the Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 program (Sun Style Tai Chi - 21 Forms).

We have collated the series in a Playlist called Tai Chi for Arthritis Sequences for ease of viewing which you can find on our YouTube channel Huntun Tai Chi.

Feedback from our classes has proved very positive with people reporting how useful they have found the videos in supporting their Tai Chi practice.
Each video acts as a study of each sequence that you can replay from the comfort of your own device (computer, tablet, or smartphone).

Every video has a Top Tip in the description accompanying it.

How to get the best from YouTube.

We appreciate some people know very well how to delve into the various options and features YouTube offers viewers.

We also know people who would appreciate a little guidance. So, to help you navigate some of those useful options read this very short guide. We hope it helps you enjoy our videos even more?

Let us know if you found this helpful?

How to get the best from YouTube

In the image above you can see a screen capture of our latest video for the sequence - Apparent Closing.

You'll notice three coloured arrows in the bottom right of the image - yellow, blue, and green.

Yellow Arrow - click on the 'gear' icon (it can often have a small red box with the letters HD) and the dark grey box shown will open with three options available:

Speed (Green Arrow) - click on the little arrow and a second box opens with the options to speed up or slow down the video - a really useful option to help you see exactly what's going on

Quality (Blue Arrow) - click on the little arrow and select 1080pHD at the very top of the list to watch the video in the very best quality - again well worth doing if you have sufficient broadband speed to support it 

Autoplay - click on this if you don't wish to see videos selected by YouTube to automatically play after viewing the video you did wish to watch

We hope you find this series of videos helpful. If you have a family member or friend you think might like this post please do share it with them or post it on your social media channels too.

All the best
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