Online Tai Chi Zoom Class

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Welcome to our new online tai chi Zoom class

When do you run your class?

Every Wednesday 11:00 am to 12:00 noon. Helen and Phil will broadcast from their home using the Zoom video conferencing service.

How do I book?
Start your sign-up by clicking the link and then register (book) your class:

What style of tai chi do you teach?
We teach a new research based programme created by us that we call Tai Chi Foundations Part 1 using selected movements from traditional Yang Taijiquan.
Together we will explore the dynamic of yin-yang as an embodied mindful practice for our health and wellness.
We will start each session with some slow, mindful movements, beginning with the most fundamental movement of life - our natural breath cycle.
Tai Chi Foundations Part 1 aims to offer us just that, a foundation to build upon.
We will build our strength, improve our balance, and allow ourselves to experience a deep sense of relaxation.
A true moving meditation.
Who can join, I haven't tried tai chi before?
We've designed this programme for everyone to enjoy. Anyone can join whether your new to tai chi or have practiced tai chi before. You can enjoy the movements seated or standing up and we encourage you to adapt movements to suit your needs and comfort levels.

What is a online tai chi class Zoom like?
Online Zoom classes have become incredibly popular recently for tai chi, yoga, pilates, and fitness classes. Using Zoom's video conferenceing service you can enjoy a live inter-active class with your instructor from the comfort of you home, or anywhere for matter with an internet connection. Follow the instructions once you've signed up and registered your first class.

To get started click the link to sign up to our online booking service, then register (book) your first class:

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