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Tai Chi for Wellness 

Hit the pause button, slow down, and find some breathing space.

Welcome to Tai Chi for Wellness - a new course by the awarding winning team at Discover Tai Chi.

In this course of eight streamable video lessons we explore the dynamic of yin-yang as an embodied practice for health and wellness. Complete with a bonus booklet and infographic for you to download or read on your Kindle.

We begin at the beginning with our most fundamental movement of life - our natural breath cycle.

As we progress with each video lesson we learn to expand ourselves bodily and mindfully with our breath awareness. With each qigong ('chee-gong') exercise we find very a deep place of relaxation in body and mind quite naturally.

You can enjoy all of the movements seated or standing up and we encourgage you to adapt the movements to suit your needs and comfort levels.

You can watch all our videos at anytime from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere you choose for that matter. You can revisit time and again to view your favourite videos at your leisure.

We've designed this course to be suitable for everyone.

Most people enjoy physical activities like tai chi without needing to speak with their doctor.

If you have a heart or lung condition, kidney condition, or metabolic condition with obvious symptoms, we recommend you speak with your doctor first.

You'll will find a downable document on how to Keep Safe and Comfortable as well as our Disclaimer.

You can create a password so all your lessons and files can be stored in your Gumroad library, accessible via the app (iOS/Android), or the webpage.

To purchase the course click here. 

We look forward to seeing you.

Phil & Helen

About Us
Based in the UK, Phil and Helen, a professional educator and Occupational Therpist, run research based online tai chi tuition and courses, tai chi classes and workshops, CPD seminars for health professional on the evidence base for tai chi for health, tai chi for workplace wellness, and consulting services to a range of people and organisations.

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