Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Tai Chi Principle - Péng

篷 - Péng (pronounced pung) - awning, canopy, tent.

extending support to all directions,
stretching outward,
drawing inward,
strength, everywhere.

篷 péng combined with 松 sōng (to loosen and relax) represent the two fundamental skills or principles to bring into one's practice of tai chi.

Paper parasols used to illustrate the tai chi principle - péng
Tai Chi Principle – Péng
A. Zuhri

Like the parasol, with extended ribs supporting the tension of the soft paper or fabric so the whole structure can support itself, so too, the whole body must extend with a relaxed sense of even tension, so we can support ourselves.

You could also think about the just right tension of a well tuned guitar string, piano, or Chinese zither/Guzheng. Not too tight, not too slack, just right.

Here's a beautiful performance of the Guzheng for you to enjoy as you ponder the qualities of péng in your tai chi form:

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