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Learn simple evidence-base tai chi and qigong online with our bespoke courses.

Tai Chi For Therapists Online CPD Course

Evidence-based course for therapists, clinicians and rehabilitation professionals who want to understand how to implement tai chi and qigong-based movements in clinical settings.

Six-week blended learning with on-demand videos, weekly live online forums, and downloadable content. Learners gain lifetime access to a library of tai chi and qigong movements, academic references, and video recordings. CPD: 16 Hours.

Next Course Starting - 18th September 2023

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Next course start dates:
• 18th September 2023
• 6th November 2023

“ Thank you so much. I am really enjoying using this in my sessions with clients with chronic and persistent pain. I’m looking forward to further developing my understanding of ways to help clients incorporate it in their daily lives - particularly their interoceptive awareness. 
Alison, Physiotherapist
Hi, we're Helen, a registered occupational therapist, and Philip, a professional educator, coach, and mentor.

Welcome to our website and learning platform. We have taught evidence-based tai chi and qigong since our start-up in 2016.

In our careers we have worked in a range of roles:
Leading and managing teams in the public and third sectors; working within the NHS, and adult mental health services;
teaching in higher education, practice education, and curriculum development; consulting in leadership development and quality improvement in health care; and in coaching, mentoring and training at all levels.

We look forward to working with you.

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“ I love these classes! Very inclusive and fun and deceptively challenging.
All with lots of encouragement and humour and lovely groups of people.
Phil and Helen are just great teachers.  – Dr A. Merrick

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